Tuesday, July 26, 2011

photoshop User

When u r about to start using photoshop, in my opinion, we must classified what in our mind, what we want photoshop do for us. from the experience, i have gain several classified for photoshop users in my study.
  1. pitih
    • Use photoshop to make over for wedding, and touch up.
    • website.
    • Shirt Design
    • book, banner, dan seterusnya.
  2. non - pitih.
    • really keen on art.
    • photo manipulation.
 All those eventually will become money when potential exist and the skills that we have grew when u r using photoshop. kawe myself, start my day using photoshop for non money, just like suke2 on art. And i like to see the photo manipulation.

When demo are about to use photoshop for photo touch up, and make over, u definitely no need a lot of brush and texture etc. For Website, shirt design, banners, it really need a lot of things in using photoshop. extra brush is the crucial thing as it will help us to cut time down designing the project. there are several people out there who shown interest on abstract.

Photo manipulation is the best and tough one to us develop a nice picture. the user need a lot of technique in order to build a picture. In this photo manipulation, u will notice that u are always using marque tools. Bagi Kawe, transforming the object is make the picture worth. The transforming process must be according to the situation. perspective, wrap and so on.  So that it will make sure the picture look natural. starting from photoshop CS2, there are filter that has been added which is can make the picture that we are transforming respectively to the subject.  It is much more than clone tools and free transforming and also save time.
 se this link for easier tutorial.Vanishing Point.

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